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Get a Channel to Win the Souls

Go out to TV’s group is a source was heavenly vision by the Holy Spirit to Prof. Dr. Rev. K. Rajanandan Vignan to pray for the Souls – No Soul Should not Perish: Seeing people through the eyes of Jesus. In order to harness the potential of Lord Jesus Christ in APCOC Ministry launched the 24/7 to hear God’s word open to all who have Christian message to broadcast to the world regardless to the denomination or church affiliation.


To promote Audio, Video, Television, Film Ministry, the Holy Spirit crusades, Print and Publish “Heavenly Fire [Divyaagni]” and church today magazine and other Christian Literature to touch heart with the Gospel of Christ.


Our Mission is to spread Gospel from Kadapa, Andhra Pradesh to the whole world on short wave TV’s and Internet.

APCOC strongly believes the International and Christian Broadcasting should not be a money making opportunity but rather than an exciting Missionary Challenge to evangelize the poorest and most unreachable covers in the world.

Why Should I donate?

As a voluntary based organization APCOC media stands most in need of dedicated volunteers who can work on our broadcasting and media related projects.

APCOC provides the Infrastructure for the projects and most of the administrative efforts are currently through unpaid volunteers. Still we need financial assistance i.e., to purchase spare parts for our transmitters, hard ware, software tubes, electricity, rent. In order to keep our serves up and our radio transmitting running for the benefit of whole world.

If you are not a broadcaster or a program producer and wish to support us, you may donate to APCOC gospel radio and television allows us to continue expand our outreach to even more India and abroad.

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APCOC strive to help you making our Christian Radio and TV’s mission in a success.


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