24/7 Trained, Anointed, Prayer Warriors Available

APCOC Call Center Ministry is a source command given by the Lord through Holy Spirit to Prof. Dr. Rev. K. Rajanandan Vignan to experience and produce the God’s power supply related compassion on God’s Love and Prevenient Grace, assured and timely 24/7 services to the needy, marginalized, and oppressed.

APCOC Call Center is a centralized office for receiving a large number of Prayer Request by telephone from anyone – No Caste, No Creed and No Religion. We are ready to pray for all of us. No Soul Should not Perish: Seeing people through the eyes of Jesus. In order to harness the potential of Lord Jesus Christ in APCOC Ministry launched the 24/7 Call center to glorify our Lord Jesus Christ.

Honoring the faith of the person requesting for along with one accord prayer of the Trained, Anointed Prayer Warrior, the Lord responds to their prayers and blesses His people providing Healing and Miracles according to the Promise, “You can pray for anything, and if you have faith, you will receive it” [Mathew 21: 22].

APCOC Call Centers work round the clock to receive New Prayer Request through several channels such has telephone, email & social media. It provide prayers to the general public, needy, patients, business man, examinations, financial crisis, exams etc. in all matters that are under the ministry of APCOC responsibility for Instance.

APCOC knowledge management system has its independent website: email: contact: 8985203608, 24/7 Divine Miracle Center Whatsapp groups kept for prayer alone.

We invite you to partake of the blessings to this infinite number of people by supporting the Call Center Ministry. The Blessings that they receive will reward from His Kingdom.


Give towards His Kingdom and be a channel of Blessings to infinite

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