APOSTOLIC BIBLICAL UNIVERSITY (ABU) a Theological Institution, is an academic fraternity of individuals dedicated to the Motto of to train and equip the saints for the ministry of God

ABU is nurturing ground for an Individuals – To Catch a Fish

ABU offers offer various certificates, Diplomas and Degrees and Doctorates in Ministry, Theology and Divinity studies in regular and open system

Theological Education is to reach the unreached out to the star of perfection through an earnest Academic pursuit for ‘excellence in Theology’ and our efforts blossom into ‘Love and compassion’ through our innovative theological thinking and empathetic involvement in the society to transform it

Theological Education prepares one face the challenges of church and society by bringing out the best. It should be relevant to the needs of the down-trodden, oppressed, marginalized, and alienated address the problem of the day.

Core values

The core values which guide us at ABU
1. Love your Neighbor
2. Reach the Unreached
3. Faith in God
4. Social Responsibility
5. Pursuit of Excellence
Every true believer is commissioned of Christ to “Go into all the World and preach the Gospel to every Creature” to make disciples of all nations
Jesus Message: Follow Me, Learn of me, and understand My Mission and My Message – then only you will be able to Fishers of Men.

ABU was born out of the Theological Education vision of the Mt. Rt. Rev. Dr. K. MICHAEL DEVADANAM, an Educationalist and Social Leader in South India. He founded the APCOC, in 2016 which administers ABU and led by Prof. Dr. Rev. K. RAJANANDAN VIGNAN. It was started in submission in God’s call to His Disciple Mt. Rt. Rev. Dr. K. MICHAEL DEVADANAM.
God asked him to make disciples of all Nations Mt. 28: 18-20. The powers to change lives, shine into darkness, and deliver evil men from hell. Based on II Corinthians 4: 4 – But God can and frequently does penetrate the darkness with the glorious gospel, and He uses us to do it. He knows which “fish” are His; and His guidance on all our fishing expedition. PRAYER IS ESSENTIAL

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