Aims & Objectives


To build the church upon the foundation of the Apostles and Prophet, the church is an evangelistic, charismatic, and Episcopal. And also to promote church plantation programme strictly based on the Holy doctrine of the Holy Bible.

To give Consecrations, Ordinations and License to the Arch-bishops, Bishops, Overseers, Priests, Presbyters, Pastors, Evangelist, Missionaries, Crusaders, Prayer Warrior, Bible Woman and other Christian workers as per their Holy Call, qualifications and faithfulness in the ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ and his Great Commission.

To promote all Church ceremonies, which are Prayer, Worship, Witness, Cottage Prayer, Immersion Baptism, Marriage, funeral and other activities related to the church.

To promote Audio, Video, Television, Film Ministry, the Holy Spirit Crusades, Print and Publish “Heavenly Fire” (Divyaagni) Magazines and Church Today Magazines and other Christian literature to touch every heart with the Gospel of Christ.

To arrange Sunday schools, Vocational Bible Schools, Woman/Youth retreats and other festivals relate to the church. And also to celebrate church annual day Feast/Holy convocations on the day of the Pentecost on every succeeding year.

To establish and construct Asrams, Prayer Tower, Temples, Prayer Halls, Chapels, Churches, Cathedrals, Educational Institutions, Primary Health Centers, Health and Medical Institutions especially “GETHSEMANE PRARTHANA ASRAMAM” (GETHSEMANE PRAYER MOUNT) and also the “HOLY SPIRIT PRAYER TOWER” (PARISHUDHATHMA PRARTHANA GOPUARAM) for the purpose of Prayer, Worship, Meditation, and Witness of the Divine People.

The church follow the institution of lord Supper purely on “Eucharist worship” order and other sacraments in Anglican Church order except infant Baptism. And the church confesses Apostolic/Nicene cre4ed with profession faith used in Liturgy.


  • To guide people in Social Activities in implementation of government policies like eradication of illiteracy, abolition of dowry system and also extend services to the victims of flood, drought and fire etc.
  • To guide and assist Down-trodden and Marginalized poor people in agricultural, social, forestry, animal husbandry, Poultry and water shed development programmes and also thrift, credit and income generating schemes.


  • To provide institution for the needy and homes for the Old aged, Orphans, Destitute woman and Rehabilitation centers to the Child Labour, Disables.
  • To promote residential/no-residential educational institutions, environmental awareness, woman welfare, child welfare, literacy permanent housing programmes and other social activities.

To obtain as membership in state, national and world church council member to serve for good progress and its members.

To cooperate with likeminded individuals, organizations and governments in India and Abroad for good achievement and progress of the church and to look into the welfare of its members.

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